Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our fast

Nicole and I are going to try to fast for 10 days. Today we are not totally prepared to fast. I ordered the cook book and I need to shop for more fresh veggies and fruit. We both ate oatmeal for breakfast, plain with just milk. For lunch we are eating left over bean soup. It has some meat and seasonings that basically disqualify it for a Daniel fast meal. I told Nicole we would basically warm up to this fast. We cut out sugar, and coffee and tea. In a few days we will get strict with the fast. I already have a headache from not drinking coffee. I will post some more of your great recipes but I will not be eating them for two weeks. I may even make some of the dishes because I still need to cook for the other kids. Shelley’s tomato soup looks so good! Shelley is my big sister if you all didn’t know that. She has a million good ideas. I’m very happy to have her great input. My Mom has also sent me some very good ideas.
If you fast you need to drink lots and lots of water! This is very important to help your body clean its self out. I am fasting for Spiritual reasons. You can fast for spiritual reasons or just to improve your health. Fasting helps clean the toxins from your system. If you do fast for spiritual reasons, take the time to pray. Even if you can not follow a strict fast, what is most valuable is that you prayed!

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