Thursday, February 26, 2009

no eggs or milk but wait...

no eggs or milk...this is what I just read on one web site about the Daniel fast. I have a 15 year old daughter, and I am not legalistic! We are going to eat eggs and drink milk. We will only boil the eggs (nothing fried) and no butter or cheese. What ever you decide to do, just be faithful to that. God cares allot more about our faithfulness then weather we eat eggs. The web site also said no herbal tea. I have not decided if I'm giving that up or not. I'm not drinking it now...but I can not promise I will not drink it. For me coffee was the big sacrifice! My point is don't be legalistic. Decide clearly what you will eat, and not eat...then stick with that list. Be faithful with what you decided. I have decided not to give up milk or eggs. I will not eat bread, yeast, fried foods, butter or fats, sugar or coffee or meat. I may eat nuts, and maybe even drink herbal tea.

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