Monday, January 19, 2009

How to enter

Just leave me a comment with your recipe. I'll do a post about your recipe. That is all there is to it! Please tell your friends...lets get loads of good tips and ideas! You do not need to be an adoptive family to enter, but I do want adoptive families to enter.


  1. Amy if you look at my blog you'll see some ideas.
    Love, Shelley

  2. Hi! I'm so excited about this blog. We are currently waiting for an SN referral but in the meantime we are hosting a foreign exchange student from China. She shared this recipe with us and it is a big hit with my picky eaters and everyone that had come over and eaten it.

    Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

    20 chicken wings (about 3 per person)
    1/4 cup vegetable oil
    1/4 cup dark soy sauce
    1 chopped green onion
    1 dried aniseed (star anise)
    1 liter of Coca Cola

    Take thawed chicken wings and cut three slits on each side of the wing. This will allow the sauce to flavor throughout the wing. Put them into a collander. Salt them liberally. Set them aside for five minutes.
    While the chicken is waiting, pour the oil into a deep and wide pot. I use the turbo cooker. It is best if you have a pot with a lid. Heat the oil on high for 4 minutes. Put the aniseed in the oil and leave it for 1 minute. Then add the chopped green onion. Let it cook on medium. While the onion cooks, rinse the salt off of the chicken. Then add half of the soy sauce into the pot. Place 10 of the chicken wings into the pot. Rotate them until the soy sauce has colored all of the outsides of the wings. Place the rest of the wings in the pot. Pour the remaining soy sauce on the top and rotate your new wings until it is colored by the soy sauce. Then pour enough coke to just cover the chicken wings. You may not need the whole liter. The amount you need depends on the type of pot you used. Then cook them covered on high for 10 minutes, then let them simmer for 20 minutes. Check to make sure the chicken is done before serving. We serve this on top of rice with a little of the Coca Cola gravy. We like to serve grilled zucchini on the side.

    Tricia Stringer