Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vintage jars

I found 12 vintage jars at the 2nd hand store today. I'm going to try to make apple butter. I had to look up how to seal these jar (thank God for the internet). I got the jars for 5 Euro (not each jar... all 12 for 5 Euro)! I have to find a canning pot. I think Juergen's mom had one? Maybe I can have it? We go see Juergen's dad next month.

When canning with these jars, most of the steps are the same as with the screw-top jars. You clean your jars, lids and seals well, prepare your jam and fill the jars. Once the jars are filled, you wipe the tops clean and the apply the rubber seal and top with the glass lids (of course, making sure that your vintage jars and lids are without chips, cracks or other damage).

Lock the bailing wire into place and lower the jars into the hot water bath. Process as usual (this recipe calls for a 15 minute process). When the time has elapsed, remove the jars from the water, being careful not to tip them (these jars are mostly glass, which means that if you get the jam on the top of the lid, you’ll see it, and if you’re a bit of a perfectionist, this sad

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