Wednesday, September 9, 2009

jelly and juice

We made 8 jars of jelly and 6 jars of juice from our white grapes today. I used vintage jars to store the juice. I hope it really sealed. I boilded the jars for 20 mins. This is the first time I've tried to can anything. I used a special fruit sugar added to the juice to make the jelly. You follow the instuctions on the bag. I think what is most important is to make sure the jars are very clean, and warm so they don't break when you add hot jelly in them. We then placed the lids on the full jars, screwed tight and turned the jars upside down. They sat upside down for 5 mins to help them seal. I also made jelly from the berry juice we made 2 days ago. We tried some of this jelly and its very good!

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