Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm still fasting

I'm sorry if I haven't been blogging here. Nicole and I are still fasting until Saturday. I don't want to think much about food. I have many books I just bought on healthy slow cooking. I also bought a book called The Blue Zones. It's about the things people do that help them live longer and healthier lives. Much of this involves what they (the people living to be 100+) eat. It seems like an interesting thing to learn. I'll read the book maybe next week and let you know if it's any good. I had a coffee headache for 4 days. I have been very good staying off coffee...but I will be so happy to drink coffee again on Saturday!!! Coffee actually has many good health factors. It guards agents Parkinson’s disease for one thing. I live a crazy life. It is my one drug. I don't even drink beer or wine. I'll be happy to get my coffee back! I do have a good ear to hear God right now. That's why I am fasting. It really does help me pray. So anyway, I'll get back to food blogging soon, God willing.

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