Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I found a crockpot

I've never even seen one in Germany. I looked on e-bay and what do you know...I got one. And it is digital! How cool is that! I have had crock pots from America, but we have different voltage here. I could never find a electric transformer to use with it. I'm so excited!!! Now I can really give your ideas a good try.


  1. I have a quick and easy recipe. It's coca cola slopey joes.
    1 cup thick BBQ sauce
    1 cup coke
    1lb meat (we use turkey)
    fry the meat and then pour in the coke and BBQ sauce. You can use it as slopey joes, but we love it as spaghetti sauce. I'll email you my husbands spaghetti which is just as delicious.

  2. How exciting to have a crock pot. Chili, beans, lasagna, hot apple cider.