Friday, January 30, 2009

Something from my Mom

My Mom wrote the following...

"I guess I will get on board with this search for recipes. To start with, I am making what I call "Eggplant Lasanya" for dinner tonight. It is easy, fairly cheap. and actually good for you.
Eggplant Lasanya
Place a layer of sliced raw eggplant in the bottom of an oiled (olive oil spray works good) baking dish. add layers of onion, pell pepper, uncooked pasta (whatever you have on hand, cheese (I usually use cheddar or some other tangy cheese but use whatever your fanily likes). Then repeat all layers. Pour a jar of spagetti sauce and an equal amount of water over the dish and bake in a 400 degree oven for about an hour. Note: Top of dish should be crusty. Also, herbs and spices of your choice(garlic, basil, rosemarry, ect.) may be added to enhance flavor.
Enjoy, Mom"

Now I'm not a big fan of eggplant but my kids love lasagna. We will give it a try this weekend and give you the report. I'm thinking some dried bread crumbs on the top with the cheese would actually taste good. I might coat the bread crumbs with some olive oil and parmesan cheese. I also think I'll add ( as part of the filling ) some frozen spinach (defrosted with the water squeezed out) and low fat cottage cheese and egg. You mix the 3 ingredients in a bowel and layer it in the lasagna. We can not get cheddar here without paying through the nose. I'll have to use gouda cheese. I also read that egg plant taste better if you slice it and salt it heavily first. Let the salt draw out some of the moisture and bitterness, then wash and use the egg plant.
Thank's Mom!

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