Tuesday, January 20, 2009

refrigerator soup

My sister Shelley who really knows her stuff wrote this wise advice...

I make refrigerator soup on Fridays
It varies from week to week depending on what I cooked that week.
The base of it is
organic chicken stock
Then I take my left overs and add to it.
For example this last week
I had left over salsa
left over beef chunks, potatoes, carrots
So I added chopped onion, celery, bell pepper
It was sort of a spicy tomato beef soup.

If I had a lot of cream left over or milk that needed to be used up
then I might have gone a different route.

The left overs determine that type of soup I might go with.

My favorite spice is thyme I don't put it in everything but I do put it in a lot of things.

You can read more everyday tips on her blog Life in Lewisburg

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